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Follower Technique Seminar

Weekly from April 30th to May 28th

- 5 classes - 5 basics -
Whether you prefer the role of leader or follower, my aim is to equip you with the necessary tools to enjoy tango with greater fluidity and style.
30/04 - Posture and embrace
07/05 - Caminata (Walking)
14/05 - Pivots y Ochos
21/05 - Giro (Turn)
28/05 - Embellishments and musicality
To ensure a personalized and high-quality learning experience. Maximum of 10 participants.

All levels

5 classes of 1,5 hour

- 20€ per Class
- 85€ Complete seminar
- Early bird: Until 23/04 80€

Tuesday 20.15 - 21.45hs

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"Cha Cha Chicas"

Hasenheide 9, 10967 Berlin


Workshops weekend with Anita and Adrian

Guest teachers from Argentina.

Join us for three intensive tango workshops with the talented instructors Anita Escobar and Adrian Lupi!
Learn the secrets of their creative, spontaneous and sensitive dancing.
6 hours of classes!!
In their courses and workshops, they focus on dancing and teaching organic tango.
Natural and flowing movements with biomechanical logic.

intermediate and advanced

Saturday: (3 Stunde Ws) 60€
Sunday: (1 1/2 Stunde Ws) 40€ per workshop
Reduced price for all Ws (6 hours of lessons)

May 11th:
- 16hs - 19hs "Musicality"
May 12th:
- 16hs - 17.30hs "Action and Reaction"
- 18hs - 19.30hs "Milonga"

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Tangotanzen macht Schön

Oranienstr 185, 10999 Berlín

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